Our Production Company

Flower City Studios is a production company on Anderson Avenue in the Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA) in Rochester, NY – just down the road from Village Gate and behind Three Heads Brewing. Our building is a 100+ year-old 6,500 SF warehouse we’ve been renovating since 2020 and now includes 4 distinct production studios: 2 photo studios / video studios (which double as event spaces), a collective co-work studio (Flower City Collective), a podcast studio, three bathrooms, a kitchen and a breakroom. The back lot of our production house is also the location of the old “Legal Wall”, with its ever-changing graffiti artwork. Flower City Studios is a Grim Digital Media company.

Our Production House

Flower City Studios is a full service production company and creative production house focusing on crafting client stories through visuals, audio, text and graphics. We believe in the power of stories. Our brains are wired to process and remember stories, and they are deeply embedded in our biology, psychology, and social fabric. Stories shape how we learn, communicate, and make sense of the world. A compelling, well-told story evokes emotions that build a bridge between you and your audience, and makes your brand both more accessible and more memorable. Let us help you tell your story in a way that will have your audience seeing, hearing, and engaging with your brand in more meaningful ways.

Some of the clients we have worked & partnered with: